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Money up front for webinar

Last night I tuned into a webinar and it might just be my last.

I have done many, maintaining my naivety and unfailing hope to find the magic, the million, the answer to life’s deepest questions, and the fastest way to  make a fortune, always ending with the same promise.

You can. Just part with your money and do this course, buy this program, sign-up for this subscription, or purchase this business at the amazing webinar-only offer of x dollars.

As always, I tuned in with hope and expectation following the hook that got me there in the first place the ‘learn how’ (to make)with the big number, in this case “$50Ok”, in this free webinar.

So, I hung in, I took notes and I sent forward my question. I stayed the course (pardon the pun) and I waited in vain for the nugget that would be imparted that would get me well  on my way to making that $500k.

And it came – just enough information to know that I needed more. I needed the full picture to actually get going.

After the hour, I began to recognise the signs. The audio “And we are going to show you in this fabulous four-week bootcamp …” and naïve as I was, I believed this too would be free.

Not so, this came with a not cheap price tag of $297 for the four weeks, plus an add-on of $25 per month to be part of the club. Naturally the course was packed with a number of bonuses valued at double the cost of the course. Sneaky huh?

Many times, I have fallen for this, been swept away by the moment and parted willingly with my hard-earned cash. They usually make it irresistible by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. But sometimes they don’t, or you think they have but missed a detail in the promise, and they actually don’t. That’s when it really gets scary.

I have earned my stripes in terms of money down the drain. There’s no such thing as a free webinar. There is always an up-sell – and who can blame them? Everybody wants to make a buck.

But webinars are there to engage you and persuade you to buy something you probably don’t need.

And even if you do, all the information you need to do whatever it is the webinar promises you that you can do better – is available on Google and YouTube, and with YouTube it’s there as and when you need it. So why give away your precious time, cancel arrangements and shut out distractions, when you can tune into YouTube and Google any place, any time and at no cost!

First thing I’m looking up is how to run a ‘free’ webinar!

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