Words that make sense

One of Iza’s many strengths is her ability to come to grips very quickly with complex concepts and put them into words and documents that make sense and that people can understand. She is also very good with editing documents and reducing the word count to create succinct documents – without taking away any meaning or information.

As a team member Iza is reliable, consistent and professional. She is also very proactive – planning upfront and pushing to ensure that deadlines are met.

Catherine Larkin
– CVLC Communication

Exceeded expectations

Iza Grek covered my presentation at a Knowledge Resources conference. Her report was accurate and included a comprehensive summary that far exceeded my expectations. It was delivered in good time.

I have no hesitation to recommend Iza for covering high level conferences. Every speaker should consider this kind of professional service, which also provides exposure in several media platforms.

Tumi Moloto
– TM Change Consulting

Engaging article

I saw your article. It was great Iza! I kid you not when I say it was the best article I’ve read in years from a value point of view. And by that I mean each paragraph was engaging and valid and the length, content and tone just tied in wonderfully!

In the mountains of tripe online one reads year in and year out, to actually take a minute or two to read a quick article and be genuinely engaged, edified and entertained… well, that’s very rare I’m afraid.

Your article helped me define the best, top-end level and I can now see a scale in there that I never saw before.

It might be a short article, but that was great journalism.

Marc van Sittert
– Write Away

Proficient and professional

I have worked with Iza since 2016 and found her to be highly professional both as a reporter and as an editor.

She assisted me on two large government conferences, providing scribe and editing services. She is punctual, reliable and highly proficient in English.

I look forward to working with her on future assignments.

Gwen Watkins
– Freelancers

Wit that moves

You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!)

Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

Too cool!

The Nation