A word or 2

As you might have guessed we’re in the business of words. Real words with real meaning. No guff, fluff or gobbledygook.

Iza Grek 2021

This means every word is carefully crafted to ensure:

  • clear meaningful messages that convey bottom‑line benefits to the target audience.
  • relevance and currency through trend research
  • a clear brand personality with consistent messaging
  • content that enhances brand reach and presence

  • a meticulous checking system to eliminate errors and rewrites

  • added value by delivering precision


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Our services include writing, editing and proofreading for:

  • Press releases
  • Blogging
  • Content strategy and development
  • Research articles
  • Executive summaries
  • Conference coverage
  • E-books
  • Web content
  • Email campaigns

Please email any questions to

“the past is always tense,
the future perfect”

– Zadie Smith

“the past is always tense, the future perfect, and the present a gift”

– Iza Grek


Quiver full of arrows: idiom

A quiver full of arrows

Thanks to prolific author Jeffrey Archer the idiom ‘a quiver full of arrows’ penetrated our language to a great extent after 1980 when he published a book with this title....

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Gender in language

What’s wrong with you, man?  

   Recently I was asked to chair a weekly meeting. There was some sensitivity around the term ‘chairman’ and points made that due to a gender sensitive environment, the group...

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My take on ‘Moving Cheese’

Having read Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese for the fourth time, I decided to put together my own take on things. In 2021, I can’t help seeing the parallels...

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