Why blog?

When the concept first broke through as a social media entity all of its own, it sounded like a language glitch that would soon be dismissed.

Yet the construction from web and log – hence blog – has become a platform for all manner of things.

There are two types of blogs:

  • Personal
  • Business/corporate

The reasons to blog are manifold:

  • It’s an ideal vehicle to add to your public relations offering. A blog allows you or your company to communicate frequently and in so doing get your message out there.
  • Become a thought leader. When you provide content that adds value, i.e. provides new information, solves a problem, or gives usable advice – you set yourself up in the sector as an authority. It adds to your brand building capability.
  • You can begin to build a network. This network may include not only potential customers, but fellow bloggers. Customers will tell you what they want, bloggers will share ideas, both valuable resources for adding verve to your blog offering.
  • Drive traffic. With regular blogging, you will begin to get attention from readers who will follow your content and soon become your audience.
  • Engage and grow. When you have this audience, you can begin to engage and build a relationship. This will earn you trust and make your position more viable and inspire trust.
  • Google heights. With regular blogging, you will increase your ranking on Google as long as you continue to provide high value content.
  • Make money. Once you have an audience and a growing stream of traffic, you will be able to drive leads and eventually leads will bring about sales. In addition, with an active site, Google will pay you to advertise.

Blogging experience:

A word or 2 started blogging in 2014. We were very ambitious and chose three areas, all considered among the blogging top six topics. They are personal finance, relationships and education.

Each have had considerable life spans with the educational blog proving the hero among them. That is our English language blog on this site which is updated with content each week.

If you want to blog for yourself or for your company and are interested in our blogging service, please  refer to our rates or call for more information.

We will assess your marketing activities and recommend how blogging best fits your  organisation’s strategic objectives.