Research articles play a vital role in a company’s communication arsenal. More than any other work, excluding a book, a research article is a powerful tool, denoting authority. If a company distributes a research article it shows dedication and commitment to the cause expressed in the article.

This has been proven to inspire respect and loyalty from your existing audience while tapping into the interests of new audiences.

Research articles take the following forms:

  • Primary research. The writer interviews one or more experts identified by the organisation. The writer will set up a time that is convenient for the expert/s and write up the article according to the information gathered. The draft article will be sent to the expert/s for review. They will add changes or corrections and return the work to the writer. The writer will incorporate changes and send the article back to the person who original asked for the research article.
  • Secondary research. The writer gathers information from publicly available material such as the internet, libraries and corporate files where appropriate. The article ¬†will be compile with this information and referenced accordingly.
  • Primary and secondary research. This is a combination of foreground research of a secondary nature, to support the expert opinion who is the spokesperson for the organisation or an industry expert on a particular subject.

Research articles are a highly valued contribution by many media platforms.

Here are some of my research articles.

Treatment provides efficient use of water and reduces carbon footprint