How a rabbit shows us that AI is way off

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The other day when I tried to help my friend set up her blog, a bunny thing happened.

She wants her blog to be about faith-based principles from a Jewish perspective.

When we searched for images on some of the free image sites we found our choices under ‘inspiration’ rather disappointing. We did not do much better with ‘nature’. The pictures were random and failed to convey any meaning.

Help behind the scenes 

So, I suggested we be more literal in our search to assist the logarithms behind the scenes.

We entered ‘rabbi’. Most sites returned a ‘nothing available in your search’ response, but another provided a selection of rabbits in all kinds of animated poses.

This proves that Artificial Intelligence is still a long way off. The technology auto-corrected for ‘rabbi’ and made it ‘rabbit’. There is no connection between the two. You could say AI failed. Can writers be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

Idiomatically you could say a miss is a good a mile. It seems the website was wide of the mark, or that our needs (ours and what the images delivered) were at cross purposes. (We’ll get to these idioms in due course – mainly they mean ‘missing’ the point.) Waiting for the cows to come home: Origin of idioms

Short on answers

The good thing about this is that it proves AI does not yet have all the answers and even my friend chose my human intelligence over all the information that is available online about how to set up a blog.

Apart from the transfer of information, we had a great opportunity to connect despite Covid-19’s social distancing regulation. (Bizcommunity)

With other applications of AI such as predictive text and form auto fill, you will also find some amusing inaccuracies.

While we love to be lazy and hand  over our brains to machines, there is nothing that beats human intelligence yet.

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