Last roll of the dice: how idioms are used

It’s all fair in love and war and friendship too.

I felt I was losing ground with a friend and that we would soon be going our own separate ways, so I asked her to do something for me which would require her to commit to making an effort in a very specific way.

I said to myself that this would be the last roll of the dice. For me that means – taking a chance or ‘tata ma chance’ as they say in good old South Africa. confirms that roll of the dice means to gamble or take a chance on something or someone; to take a risk with the hope of gaining something positive from it.

And here are some examples of how to use the phrases in the sentence.

Example Sentences

The bartender decided to roll the dice and use vodka for the ladies’ drinks since they were out of gin.

Having had her fair share of unsuccessful dates, Jodi decided to go out with Paul who got dumped by her best friend, as the last roll of the dice.

Most people stick to what they are good at, and seldom roll the dice to experience something new and challenging.

In my research I learnt that the expression originates from gambling. Apparently in the game of Craps it can be both unlucky and lucky to dice 7 (that’s with two die) depending on the timing of the game. Some assert that rolling a 7 means staying in the game regardless of your chances.  You may want to read more about it here.

What rolling the dice definitely is not is a rating for a book review. This was how it was interpreted by a reader who concluded that from the 1 to 6 markings on a dice,  you could choose a number to rate you appreciation of the book.

This is not how it goes. Books are traditionally rated 1 to 5 and the scoring has nothing to do with dice. If it did, you would not have to read the book to give the review. I rest my case.

Happy rolling …

Iza Grek

Iza is an award-winning journalist. She has worked in advertising and communications for more than 20 years. A Word or 2 has been in operation since October 2014 and continues to thrive, serving customers writing and editing services across the board from blogs to speeches and e-books.