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  • Human Resources 

BizCommunity 2017: Why the future of work is human

  • A Wits Business School Event

BizCommunity 2017: Time for courageous conversations: A systems approach 

  • A Knowledge Resources event
  • Business and Marketing

The Media 2019: Viu lights the way with video on demand

The Media 2019: MultiChoice mum on Icasa draft findings

The Media 2018: Growth in online retail to hit R14 billion

BizCommunity 2018: Blast into January with blogging

The Media 2018: Millennials and radio: If you’re not on the phone, you don’t exist

The Media 2018: Africa goes live on activations

The Media 2017: Grow a pair! Ad industry fails to respond to needs of lgbtq community

  • An original article

BizCommunity 2017: How to master the art of networking

  • A Wits Business School event
  • Rated top in Cheeky Scientist:

Prisa 2016:  Understand the unconscious mind and change the way you do business

  • A Prisa breakfast event

The small business site: 2016 Business cannot survive without sales, says Sales Guru

  • National Small Business Conference

BizCommunity 2014: Toby Shapshak on innovation in Africa

  • A Safrea event
  • Food processing and packaging sector

Food Manufacturing Journal Middle East & Africa 2015: Serving up ready meals

Food & Beverage Reporter 2014: Small factory takes big bite of Lay’s market

Food & Beverage and Packaging Reporter 2014: Glass takes shape as preferred package

Nampak Media Release 2014: Nampak CEO set to ramp up African assets

Food Processing Africa 2014: Africa’s retail footprint

  • Energy sector and environment

Ezine Articles 2015: Biomass as a credible alternative

Carbon is the new currency 

  • Health sector

Ezine Articles 2015: Watch out for signs of depression 

  • Lifestyle

www.joburg.co.za 2015: Salsa is a Mexican dance of flavours

  • Personal Finance

Moneyfor2morrow 2016: The great supermarket rip-off

Moneyfor2morrow 2016: Be careful of mounting credit card debt

Moneyfor2morrow 2016: The fastest way to pay down debt and smile