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How a rabbit shows us that AI is way off

Bunny reads world news to update himself on Covid-19

The other day when I tried to help my friend set up her blog, a bunny thing happened.

Robo dog delivers in driverless car: AI is in our world

By all accounts the gig economy takes off, but fears of AI replace the good ol’ human remain. And here’s a dog to help things along.
“This robot delivery dog will hitch a ride in a driverless car to deliver your packages.” https://www.verdict.co.uk/robot-delivery-dog-continental/

Two things struck me:

  1. The reality of AI and the number of jobs that are lost to mechanisation and 2. my mind travelled back to the article I read this morning about the 10 000 jobs lost in newsrooms over the past 10 years
  2. For us as writers it only means one thing – we have to be more and more creative and put our minds to writing content – that not just sells but sizzles and stirs mouth-watering responses.
    Hire me. I’m your gal …(sorry it’s about dogs again)

Can writers be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

Learn to speak better English

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