Avoid traffic lights but use breaks to prevent a crash

Grammar: Prevent or avoid

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For instance, I can say, to avoid the morning rush hour traffic, I usually leave my house an hour early. In this context, prevent is a misfit. However, if I say “to prevent heat stroke on hot summer days, drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun”.

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Let the trend be your friend

Let the trend be your friend

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One of the hot trends of the moment is interactive content. You have to excite and engage with your audience. Give them something tactile to experience. In content, you can do this in several ways. Polls are great ways to get people engaged. People love their own opinions, so why not invite them to poll it. Quizzes have the same response. No one wants to be outshone by not being the smartest in the room. Everyone loves to challenge their own intelligence.

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Blogs, vlogs and virtual reality

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Podcasting is not new to content but if you don’t take that next step at least, your web presence is going to suffer. Next up is video. Moving pictures are the next basic requirement for a 2022 rendition of consumed content. Video too is not all that new, but pay attention to quality. You’re not going to get away with just anything so invest some time in this.

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Rise to fame
J.K. Rowling rose to fame with the Harry Potter series but also wrote other genres under a pen name.

5 Reasons to write under a pseudonym

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Writing under a pseudonym (pen name) or a nom de plume as the French like to call it, is as old as time itself. Disguising your true self may come with some good reasons. You may choose to write under a pseudonym simply to change things up or to give yourself a fresh view of things. African writers may opt for a more simple-sounding name to fit in with popular writers/genres.

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Pic by Monika Grabkowski - unsplash

Relative and relevant: word usage

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Relevant, according to the Oxford English Dictionary means “closely connected to or appropriate to the current matter”. Relational; compare Relative, in the same source is explained as “considered in relation or in proportion to something else; existing only in comparison to something else: months of relative calm ended in April.

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