About me

I am a purist when it comes to the English language. If that makes me old-fashioned then so be it.

I am not though. I’m all for the new language spurned by twitter, SMS, email and the digital revolution as a whole, but when it comes to long hand copy or journalistic text in a magazine or newspaper format, I just shudder at what I see.

Before I could count I knew that I wanted to become a copywriter, but instead I became a journalist, starting at a small community newspaper.

Early on in my career I won an award there and used it to sell my skills to the public relations industry as community newspapers were folding faster than Usain Bolt.

For many years I wrote across a variety of topics and utilised a number of styles. Most clients loved my work and yes, there were the odd few who had their own preferred way of doing things.

Later in life I turned to sub-editing and was trained by some of the harshest professionals in the industry. One day I found myself with the title of deputy chief sub-editor at a national newspaper and worked among even harsher critics.

As editor of a food processing magazine I came into my own and loved everything that came with the job, growing particularly fond of the industry. Who doesn’t love food?

I offer a professional writing service for public relations agencies and any business that needs to market itself with press releases, fact sheets, personal and corporate profiles, web content, blogging etc.

I have a wicked sense of humour and will keep you entertained and informed in my own blog as you take this journey with me.